There is a small office that focuses on better hearing for its customers via hearing aids and tests. Amdahl Hearing is actually a small company under the umbrella of Audigy Group, which is known for housing some of the most elite private practices across the country. They pride themselves on customer service and have won awards for their ability to serve the customer’s needs.

Amdahl recently became affiliated with Audigy Group, which is a huge accomplishment. I went to visit them a couple weeks ago to entertain the notion of hearing aids (I’m 33 years old and only have lost 18% of my hearing which is significant). Immediately upon walking in their office, I felt comfortable and at ease. The lobby is very nicely laid out with the option of cookies and coffee set up in an attractive array. The doctor and front desk receptionist were both impeccable in their manners. They spoke loudly and clearly and included the person I brought with me in the conversation.

The cost for hearing aids of course is extremely high, but after hearing my concerns, they looked into getting me a (cleaned up, non-gross) demo pair for a cheaper price. They seemed to want me to hear better no matter what, even if it meant taking a pay cut for themselves.

There are so many different kinds of hearing aids on the market today, but Amdahl/Audigy offer a private-label brand which is supposed to be top of the line. Amdahl spent a lot of time and money researching many different brands and decided on the AGX brand. Like I said, expensive but they offer a 3-year warranty included in the price, checkups anytime, and batteries for three years. plus one year interest free financing. 

After having all my questions answered and feeling very confident about the path they were suggesting, they let me try on a demo pair they had in the office. The difference was indescribable and they were just a non-fitted demo pair.

I know this medical expense isn’t for everyone, but after working with the Amdahl/Audigy Group, I’m confident and satisfied with the service they offer.