Remember AVON? We’re going to touch on them today!

AVON has been around for a long while. For a 125 years to be exact. In this day and age, that number is pretty impressive. How can a business that focuses mainly on one gender stay successful?

Well, first of all, they evolve. This can be good or bad. Good in that changes are always necessary, especially in fashion and women’s accessories. To stay on the “cutting edge”, evolution is key. But it’s bad in that when a woman finds a product she likes, she wants it to stay available for future purchases. I’ve had many people say that they found the correct color of foundation just in time for AVON to change labels or ingredients. Or that they finally found the perfect mascara, which was then edged out by a newer, more innovative product. The customers tend to get frustrated after a while, but a good representative should be able to find an acceptable substitute if needed.

Secondly, they have a “no-questions-asked” return policy. This falls on the independent representative mainly, to pay for shipping if it’s not related to a manufacturing error. For example, if a shoe falls apart due to poor quality, AVON will pay for shipping. If the customer just doesn’t like the color, the rep pays for shipping to return it.

Thirdly, AVON offers cutting edge products. ANEW has been a big seller for them, the first mass skincare product with Alpha Hydroxy Acid as an anti-aging ingredient. There’s also acne fighting skincare (that actually works), long wearing makeup (that actually stays ON), and even hair care. I can’t say I’m a huge fan of their shampoos and conditioners, but other customers seem to love them.

Finally, they have celebrity spokespeople that are constantly rotating. Just recently, we’ve seen Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Hudson, Fergie, Patrick Dempsey, and Derek Jeter. They market their own colognes/perfumes, as well as other products such as makeup and aftershave. So not only is AVON cornering the market on product variety, they also have the celebrity endorsements to help them remain relevant and “hip”.

I have to say I’m a fan of AVON. Even if you’re a guy, there are products for you too. And if you haven’t seen an AVON brochure in a while, take a look. They offer everything from makeup and jewelry to grill accessories and shoes, more evidence of their constant evolving technique.

I got a few items of info off their website: http://www.avoncompany.com/

And if you’d like to order AVON or view a brochure, visit here: http://mruhland.avonrepresentative.com/