There’s a lot of talk about the current movie, “Bridesmaids”. I’m not one to follow the hype on movies, preferring to watch ones that critics hate, but I liked the actors in the movie so I thought I’d go see it with some girlfriends.

My first thought after the movie was, “That was just like ‘The Hangover’ except it’s for girls.” That’s my best one-liner about the movie.

First of all, (and be warned, there are minor spoilers here) it’s a truly hilarious movie. I haven’t laughed so hard at a movie since “Dumb and Dumber” came out. But my thoughts on the flip side of laughter . . . this could’ve been a perfect opportunity to Kristen Wiig to be a strong female figure for younger women, or at the very least be a stronger woman than what she portrayed. Instead, I viewed her character as weak, whiny, no drive, and dependent on having a boyfriend at all times, or at least someone to have sex with at all times.

Second, she’s living with two fools and never stands up for herself, until a moment at the bridal shower where she completely goes off the deep end, swearing, bashing a huge cookie, and being generally a psycho. Classy.

Third, she doesn’t seem to have any confidence at all, which I admit is part of her charm in the movie, but it makes for constant cringing. I just wanted to yell at the screen, “Put on your big girl pants and get a grip!”

Finally, she seems to be a glutton for punishment by ex-boyfriends who are pigs. One takes off with her money after they open a bake shop together. The one in the movie uses her (rudely) for midnight rendenzvouses. And later she finds another, nicer guy and can’t figure out how to keep him.

The last 10 minutes of the movie are her only redeeming quality where she DOES put on her big girl pants and finally gets it right with her friend who is getting married in the first place. She appears stronger and more confident. I understand that’s what this whole movie is about, a kind of “coming of age” story, but of course after all the hype I expected something different. Something stronger.

Did I like the movie? Sure, it was entertaining, I’m just being nit-picky here. I’d give it six out of 10 stars. But the one shining star of the movie (and an area I actually agree with critics) was Melissa McCarthy’s character, Megan. Portrayed as a bumbling, frumpy bridesmaid, she’s the only one who has wit, humor, and true inner confidence. I enjoyed every scene she was in.

So go see the movie. You’ll laugh. A lot.