Cars Cars

Obviously, millions of people have watched Cars 2 since it opened in June. I am one of them. I have two kids under 10 years of age, so I thought it would be a fun thing to do together.

It was a fun movie, not as good as Cars part one, but still a happy ride. There were a few things that disturbed me though, or just felt “off”. Here are my reasons:

1. The movie is more about Tow Mater than Lightening McQueen. Mater always seemed to be more of a sidekick than a leading man, and I missed McQueen’s/Owen Wilson’s lazy drawl.
2. There is a scene (kind of a spoiler alert) where the bad cars are quasi-torturing a spy car. They don’t show it except through a reflection off a computer in the movie, but the bad guys blow the spy up, essentially “killing” him. This seemed a little high brow for a G-rated movie.
3. There were a lot of high speed races, cars being blown up, and nail biting scenes that even had ME at the edge of my seat. My kids were mesmerized but I couldn’t help but wonder what this is setting them up for in the future. Will they crave more violence or over the top graphics more than a fun little movie like Bambi?

I know, I know. I’m probably overreacting. But little things like this slowly whet a child’s appetite for more. I guess I was just surprised Pixar would use that type of imagery in their movie. Just like the sinister characters in Toy Story 3 (Big Baby freaked me out!) it’s a little more than I feel comfortable showing my young kids.

Obviously, I’m in the minority here as Cars 2 has earned almost $150,000,000 so far. And the move IS funny; Mater may not be a leading character in my book but he’s got some great one-liners to pull him through. So next time I might go screen a movie (get it?) before I let my kids go watch it. Just to be safe.