It’s a rare person who’s never heard of Craigslist.

Craigslist (or CL) started in 1995 in San Francisco. Since then, it’s spread throughout the United States and then the world as a free classified advertisement site.

There’s been some bad stories about CL: from fraud to prostitution to murder even, it’s gotten a bad rap. But there’s a good side to CL as well.

One family found a $1,000 drum set, slightly used, for $180. Another couple was able to find their beloved poodle, Speck, from an owner who was moving and couldn’t care for him. A young man found a great deal on a trombone so he could participate in the school marching band. And still another family was able to find a pop-up camper from a couple a few miles down the road for a very reasonable price.

There are some posts that are obviously scams, and luckily there are “flaggers” who will request the posting be removed, but still approach with caution in a public area when goods are exchanged.

Is there “adult” content on CL? Of course. There is actually a section specifically for that, but because it’s a separate area, it’s easy to avoid. There sections are grouped as follows: Community (anything from pets to activities), Housing (apartments to houses), Jobs (for both employers and employees to post at), Personals (proceed with caution, although there is a Strictly Platonic section), For Sale (the biggest forum on CL), Services (a large selection), Gigs (an extension of the Job category), Discussion Forums (no topic is off limits), and finally Resumes (where employees post theirs to look for work).

Like everything on the Internet, you have to take it with a grain of salt. And CL makes for a great time-waster when you’re trolling the Web. But if there’s something you need, whether it’s a bike, a lover, or a cat, there’s CL, where you’ll most likely find it.

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