Etsy Bitsy

Probably one of the most unique sites online today is a fun little place called Etsy. (

When first logging in, a veritable wish list appears, made up of everything from baskets to jewelry to bookends. These are the “showcased” items. But the kicker is that these items don’t come from a major manufacturer. They are all handmade by small business owners. Some may be on a larger scale than others, but the bottom line is that these are regular people trying to get their name (and their talent) out there.

There is a category list on the left side of the home page. This will break down the major areas. Then after each category, there are sub-categories if there is a certain item that’s being searched for. There is even an area called “Geekery”. This is where you can find proud geeks displaying their wares for non-geeks to enjoy. Unique laptop decals, prints of Star Trek characters, even a copper robot necklace. At the time viewed, there were over 70,000 items to enjoy. If you want one of a kind, this is probably a good category to browse through.

If only there were more synonyms for “unique”. The variety is truly amazing. It would be a treasure trove of unique birthday gifts, Mother’s Day gifts (just missed that one), or even Christmas gifts for you forward thinkers.

And because these are handmade by businesspeople trying to make a name for themselves, the prices are made to sell. A pair of silver crackle-glass beaded earrings: beautiful, $12.99, and free shipping. An engraved glass gravy boat: $5.99 and $6 shipping. Wooden guitar picks (amazing quality): $8, free shipping.

There is also an option to do a broad search at the top instead of diving through the multiple categories. The best part is that the selection is constantly changing as artists usually only make one or two of the same items before focusing on something else.

So the next time that “one special gift” is needed, head to Etsy. It’s likely more than one gift will be purchased once browsing starts.