There are many people out there trying to juggle it all: a job (hopefully), kids, family, groceries, laundry, general house upkeep, etc. Not to mention personal time. Sometimes it feels like there’s never an end – and being organized about it is tough! Perhaps an organized system, preferably free, could assist with being organized. At least keeping the house organized. That way it won’t be so easy to hate those people whose house is perpetually clean and smiling.

There’s a neat (free!) little site called At first glance, it’s extremely overwhelming. It’s difficult to know where to start, and HOW to start. But the philosophy is simple: jump in where you are. There’s even a “Baby Steps” section so if a starting point IS needed, it’s there.

There are a lot of acronyms on the site which can also get confusing (SHE = sidetracked home executive, FLY = finally loving yourself, among others), but once the information is reviewed, it’s not so bad. And the system makes sense. Divide a home into sections and each week, focus on one of those sections. The Fly crew will send emails out to their members so it’s easy to stay on top of tasks and suggested projects.

For example, this week’s area is the Family Room/Den. Some of the “missions” they assign are things like “sofa diving” (digging through the chairs and couches for random items), dusting, and vacuuming the corners and cobwebs. The other main rule is that nothing should take more than 15 minutes. That’s it. Obviously there’s  more to do, but another philosophy is that it didn’t get dirty in a  day, don’t try and clean it all in a day.

Basically, it’s a very supportive site with suggestions and tools for having a clean house and hopefully and organized life because of it.

For those that think this is just a site for women, there’s also a “Hey Tom” section which deals with everything  cars to how to fix a leaky pipe. And the FAQ sections are thorough and a great go-to reference for just about everything.

Overall, if it’s possible to follow the steps and get really involved in the site, it can work. Some people just need a person to spell it out for them so they can see a clear cut way to accomplish a chore. The person to do that is the FlyLady.

Happy organizing.