Great Application for Paypal Reporting – Putler

I have just today come across the most useful application I’ve seen in many many years – Putler. Like many of you, I use Paypal for a number of business ventures, and the one thing I always struggle with is how to report on how things are going, is this month better than last etc.

You can download a demo free of charge which allows to you view your last 7 days of Paypal data for free, but their plans for the full versions are either $4.99 per month, or a once only cost of $49.00. This makes it an absolute steal – I would have paid up to $200 for this software, it is just so awesome!

One of the main features I find useful is to track my customers, both new and returning and most of the services I sell are subscription based. Below is a screen shot of this section.


The only slight downside is that downloading a year’s worth of data takes quite a few minutes, but once it’s complete the data resides on your computer, so only updates need to be downloaded.

Click here to go the Putler website and check it out for yourself – you won’t be disappointed!