Great site with lots of useful information on your free annual credit report

I have recently come across which explains exactly how to get your free annual credit report, without having to sign up for emails, or do anything else.

There are only a handful of articles, but they are all well written and to the point with no extra fluff. Unlike a lot of other sites about free annual credit reports, this site isn’t trying to sell you anything at all, although there are some Google ads on each page.

The articles covered on this site include:
How to really get your free credit report – no strings attached
How to repair bad credit history
How to fix errors on your credit report
Credit Scores vs Credit Reports – What’s the Difference
How to get your free FICO credit rating

The Free Annual Report Credit site is not affilated with any particular product, service or credit reporting service or agent, and as they say, you should ensure you seek your own specialist advice.