Hotel Sleeps

If you travel for a living, you know what it’s like to sleep in an unfamiliar bed. Lumpy, lopsided, uber firm, super squishy, or somehow all of the above, you never find the Goldilocks approved “Just Right” one. Or maybe one hotel has a fridge and the next one doesn’t even have a shower curtain. How can weary travelers decide? Let’s compare between the AmericInn and the Holiday Inn Express (not the Hilton, but probably more common among frequent travelers).

When first walking into the AmericInn, the feeling was . . . old. It didn’t seem very clean or orderly. When going to the room, the key card needed to be reinserted seven times before the door opened. In comparison, the Holiday Inn Express portrayed a professional atmosphere, including a greeting while entering the doors. It was also more well lit than the AmericInn, which is a simple upbeat gesture that can make a world of difference.

As for the rooms themselves, AmericInn’s was a bit run down and dingy. There was no Wi-Fi available and fewer amenities in general than the Holiday Inn Express. The TV was older while a flat screen was ready to roll at the Holiday Inn. The curtains at the AmericInn didn’t hold out as much early morning light as the Holiday Inn, but at least the Holiday Inn had both kinds of curtains: window and shower. The AmericInn only had window curtains (seriously).

As for beds, this one is a biggie. They were acceptable at both locations, but the Holiday Inn Express gave you a choice of firm or soft pillows. So in the grand scheme of things, both were sleepable.

Finally, we move onto coffee makers. For you late night/early morning travelers, this is sometimes a deal breaker. However, when a coffee maker has visible residue in the pot and in the grounds basket, it kind of makes you lose your need for caffeine. Needless to say, the Holiday Inn Express coffee maker was sparkling clean and made a good cup o’ joe.

This was one trip, but in my opinion for a $20 price difference, splurge and stay at the Holiday Inn Express the next time you travel.