How to get thousands of instant forum backlinks for $0.001 each and have them indexed quickly

I have recently come across a method which is providing amazing results for my sites. No doubt you have read about and perhaps even tried the forum profile method of creating backlinks, but this is tedious and take a long time to create each link.

I have found a tool that can create anywhere from 200 to 10,000 backlinks on forums in a very short period of time (usually within 1 hour). The site is called 247backlinks and when you signup (free BTW), you get 1000 links credited to your account. You can use these right away without ever making a payment.

You can add additional funds from your Paypal account, however the minimum is $9.00 which will provide 9,000 links.

Do NOT go for the blog comment backlinks – these are overspamed blogs and aren’t worth anything, may even harm your site. Only go for the forum links.

Ensure you include several URLS from your target site, and another tip is to run your preferred keyword through Google’s keyword generator, and select all 50 suggested keywords and use these in your keyword list on the 247backlinks site. Google will see that the keywords are related and will still carry significant link juice. Better yet, the forum post will include a random keyword for the forum topic, and a different random keyword for the backlink itself.

Once you’ve got your links, create a Basic account at at $14.95 per month. You can then have all your your newly create links indexed at whatever pace you like (I go for 100 links per day per site personally). If you don’t perform this last step, Google will take forever to find your links – but maybe that’s what you want?.

Word of warning – this method can get you sandboxed or even cause issues with your host if abused, so be sensible, start slow and you’ll be amazed at the results you achieve!