ING Direct is a bank. It’s not pronounced “-ing” like “bank-ing”, which is a common misconception. It’s prounouced by saying the letters: eye – en -gee. They are strictly online banking with no tellers or physical locations to conduct your money business.

So why even use it this type of bank?

First of all, ease of access. We’re online all the time, why not run our checking accounts, our mortgage, our investments while we’re surfing the Web? They also offer customer service via phone or mail if that’s your choice.

Secondly, all the choices they offer: Savings, Home Loans, Investing, Business Savings, and Retirement. Basically all of these assets ING offers with no fees, a competitive interest rate, and easy to use online forms so you can do almost everything yourself.

The website is easy to navigate and all you need to get started in an outside account to link your ING account to. This has been a great way to save for many people for two reasons: you can put your money where you can’t see it unless you’re online and it takes 1-2 days to get your money OUT of ING so it makes you think twice about transferring.

Customer service has alwasys been top notch, with answered emails and phone calls within hours, not days.

If only physical banks were this efficient!