Link In

I still haven’t figured out the importance of a website called LinkedIn. Is it a Facebook wannabe? A legitimate networking tool? Or do people just want a social networking site that is acceptable at work?

I signed up For LinkedIn at the request of my current boss. I was able to find many people I currently work with as well as past coworkers. I am able to see who THEY are linked too and what my connection is to those people. LinkedIn will also tell you how many people have viewed your profile in the past 90 days as well as how many times you showed up in people’s searches.

So why is this good or bad? I’m not sure. The people I’m “linked” to on this site I either A: see everyday or B: haven’t seen in years and have no reason to reconnect with them. So I’m still trying to establish the importance of being a part of this place.

The good things I can find that would be beneficial for employers and employees are job postings. They have recommended postings listed for you when you log in, which is nice, but typically they are across the entire United States. I don’t really want to move to California right now, thanks. The site also suggests groups and people you may want to be connected with. I’ve used some of the suggestions and am able to see what my old boss is doing and who they are linked in with because of it. Finally, they have education related news articles listed so you can stay up to date in whatever field you are involved in.

There are still a lot of people that I work with that aren’t on LinkedIn yet. But I only log in once every couple  weeks and I don’t seem to miss too much. It’s kind of like Facebook without the gossip, drunken weekend pictures, and games.

My opinion? Sign up and see how popular you are. A past coworker or boss might have the perfect job for you, if you’re looking.