Mickey D’s

I know an earlier post of mine had to do with McDonald’s and Starbucks, focusing more on Starbucks. This time I wanted to focus on the massive chain, affectionately known as Mickey D’s.

Like my earlier post states, I go to McDonald’s every Friday for a medium non-fat caramel mocha as well as a sausage breakfast burrito, my treat for the week. Every other week though, something goes wrong. It’s usually minor but still somewhat annoying or time consuming. One week it was the broken mocha machine. This past week it was something else.

I pulled up with approximately five minutes to spare before I need to get going to make it to work on time. Five minutes is usually more than enough time in the drive-thru. The big suburban in front of me was filled with people, and the driver kept turning her head around to ask people what they wanted. I’m drumming my fingers nervously on the steering wheel. Come on, come on. Finally she pulls forward and I get to place my order.

I creep forward in the line, finally get the pay window and give him my card. Three minutes left. Should be good . . . mentally calculating each car . . .

I finally get up to the receiving window and happily receive my mocha (that usually takes the longest). I look expectantly for my burrito when the employee says, “We’ll have you pull into spot #1 and wait for your burrito, it will take a few minutes.”

The wind goes out of me like a deflated balloon. There goes my timeline.

I pull into spot #1 and wait. And wait. And wait. Finally, five minutes later, they come to my window with my tiny little burrito. And why is it that five minutes waiting in my car seems like ten?

Now my schedule is behind of course and I arrive at work six minutes late. My boss, who is cool, doesn’t mind but I hate being late.

McDonald’s did apologize for the delay and gave me a coupon for one free item off their dollar menu the next time I come visit. Which will not be for a while since my mocha and breakfast burrito aren’t on the dollar menu.

I know some of you might be saying “Well, just stop going there then!” I acknowledge your thought, but I’m looking forward to next time because if my 50/50 estimate is correct, next time should go off without a hitch.