More Than Goulash

You open up the fridge, hoping against hope there will be a pot roast or pie that will magically appear. But alas, all you have is a jar of mayo, some pickles, some cheese, and leftover tuna in a can. What can you POSSIBLY make with that? It’s certainly not meal material.

Downhearted, you plop on the couch, wondering if you should order from Papa John’s or the sub shop from around the corner again.

But wait!

Before you drop money on fast food, try stopping at a website called Let’s see what happens when you list what’s in your bare fridge . . . pickles, mayo, cheese, and tuna.

Two recipes appear! One is Tuna Buns and the other is Tuna Fish Cakes.

The first one calls for additional ingredients: eggs, olives, onions, and buns. But after reading the recipe, you can actually do without those things, although SOME kind of bread would be good here. Luckily you have a stale loaf of bread tucked next to the microwave. Bonus.

The second one calls for Stove Top stuffing and some carrots, so that might be a bit much to go without.

Tuna Buns it is! Kind of like a sandwich spread, it’s not half bad and you’re pleased you just saved yourself $15+. Nice work.

At you can find recipes based on what you have (or what you absolutely don’t want in the recipe), find recipes based on the meal you want, save meals in your virtual recipe box, start a grocery list based on what foods you want to make, focus on dietary needs (low sodium, etc.), and it’s all free! There’s even an iPhone and Android Dinner Spinner app and videos if you’re not sure of the right way to slice an onion. And all the recipes are rated by members of allrecipes, so you get honest feedback about meals before you try them. There’s also a Menu Planner which does have a small fee attached, but it takes the guesswork out of “what’s for dinner” every night.

If you spend a little time browsing the site, you’re sure to find something that sparks your tastebuds. Maybe you’ll find your inner chef is ready to be released!