No Pages? No Problem.

I got a Kindle as a gift a few months ago. I was a bit overwhelmed with it, even though I consider myself somewhat tech-savvy. I didn’t know where to begin to get wireless set up (Whispernet, Amazon calls it), I had no clue how to get ebooks on it, let alone read them. The insert that came with the Kindle was about as much help as asking my 85-year-old grandma.

I hopped on then to try and get some answers. It helped a lot, and I was able to figure out most everything. The one elusive feature is getting the correct time on my Kindle. So far, I can’t fix it, I may have to involve customer service on this one.

For the most part though, I like it now that I’ve gotten used to it. There’s a “Buy with 1 Click feature” that I like. It’s connected to my bank account, so one quick click on Amazon, and the book is ready to go on my device. It’s easy to read and I like the fact that there’s no backlighting. After being on a computer all day at work, it IS almost like reading paper. Plus the battery seems to last over several books for me.

One feature they’re working on (and I’m glad) is getting “real-time” page numbers instead of the percentage of the book that’s been read. I’m happy I’ve read 79% of the book, but exactly how many pages do I have left? I hope to see the page feature soon.

As for the Nook, I’ve heard some good things as well, especially the Nook Color. Business Week had this to say:

The Good: Includes an additional color screen, permits friends to borrow downloaded books from one another, and allows free browsing of entire books when the user is in a Barnes & Noble store.
The Bad: Slow to boot up, format text, and display it on the screen. Color screen and Wi-Fi connection drain battery life.

So I guess for now I’m going to enjoy my Kindle, in all its black and white glory.