Did you know the average household’s air is more toxic than most outside air? That’s partially because of dirty air ducts, poor circulation, and believe it or not, cleaning supplies. Most cleaners contain strong chemicals that, although effective, leave behind residue that you might find in a toxic dump.

Each time you clean out your toilet, you might add in a bowl freshener that sustains the life of your scrubbing. But did you know it can decrease the life of your toilet bowl? Over time, it can eat away at non-porcelain fixtures simply from the exposure of the toilet bowl cleaning chemicals.

So what’s a concerned consumer to do? Not clean? Use less cleaners? That hardly seems effective.

Normally I don’t endorse direct-sale products, but one I’ve tried and liked it a lot. It’s called Norwex and they sell cleaning supplies that only use water. Sounds impossible, doesn’t it? I mean, how can you really get a deep clean without using cleaners?

The answer is microfiber and silver. Microfiber is about the size of a split hair. A hair split multiple times. The addition of silver thread woven into the microfiber locks in, holds, and kills any bacteria it picks up. If it sounds too good to be true, here is an actual testimonial that I witnessed first hand.

The Norwex sales rep took a piece of raw chicken and rubbed it on a countertop. She took a salmonella testing swab, rubbed it on the chicken-stained surface, and the indicator clearly showed there was bacteria. A lot of it. Then, she takes Norwex’s simple antibacterial cloth, moistens it with water, and wipes the spot where the chicken was rubbed down. Finally she takes another testing swab, rubs it over the area again, and beleive it or not, there was no trace of salmonella or bacteria. Just from using water and the microfiber cloth.

The cost is reasonable. I got a pack of four mini cloths for $10 and the bigger ones are $15. Of course that’s just the ti

So if you can use it on countertops, tables, cutting boards, floors, and even carpet stains, it’s safe to say that your home will be safer and cleaner in no time.