Precast concrete walls and retaining walls

Precast concrete is gaining popularity in both the construction and home landscaping industries. It offers several advantages over alternative building products in that it is generally cheaper, more robust more aesthetically appealing, and longer lasting.

One one the most common uses in home landscaping for precast concrete is in either precast retaining walls where it provides excellent strength, or in the use of fencing where it provides a timber look, but without the need for any maintenance. Precast concrete certainly doesn’t come in a one-size-fits-all product, there are literally hundreds of different designs, shapes and colors to choose from , making it the perfect choice for building a strong retaining wall that will last forever and need minimal to now ongoing maintenance.

In the building industry, precast concrete is used in several areas from support beams to whole precast concrete walls. The main advantage of using precast concrete in the building and construction industries is the speed and ease of which construction can be completed. There is also a significant cost saving in the reducion of formwork and scaffolding that would otherwise be required during the building phase. A precast concrete wall can just be lifted into place with a crane and secured into place quickly and easily.

To see a full list of product and applications, I would recommend taking a look at JP Concrete’s site which has quite a lot of information as well as photos of how the different products can be used in projects.