Premium public https or SSL proxies – $20/month is now offering a Premium Proxy service which provides only proxies that are proven to work with sites requiring SSL such as banks, online email services such as hotmail and gmail, as well as with applications such as MailerKing. The proxies all have a response/load time of under 4 seconds and are constantly tested. Whilst there isn’t a massive number of proxies available through this service (averages around 60), the quality of them certainly makes it worth adding to your list of proxy providers.

The cost per month is little hight than the standard service at $20 per month, but again includes a 6 days trial ($4.00).

A key thing to remember is that the proxies can be delivered to you however you want, if you don’t mind paying an additional fee – e.g. to have them emailed is an extra $2.50 per month, or to have your own page setup with the proxies presented according to your requirements, there’s just a once off fee of $10.

Now, don’t get me wrong, these still aren’t as good as dedicated private proxies, but are hard to beat for the money.