Proxy service by Surffc

Now, I’m not sure about the chosen domain name for this proxy service ( – looks like it has been used for a few different things previously. There are tons of free sites proving lists of proxies, but Surffc provide working proxies only. The way they do this is to grab lots of these lists, and add them all to their database, and then delete all of those that are Codeen/PlanetLab as well as the transparent proxies. They then test each of the proxies to ensure that they are fast (that is to say they can load a web page in under 6 seconds), and then work out which country they’re in.

Now, whilst they claim that all proxies in their proxy list are working, it seems to me that it depends what exactly you’re planning to use these proxies for. Sure they work for loading Google’s home page, but most of us want proxies to do something a little more interesting than this. You need to remember that these proxies are being shared with not only the other members of Surffc, but also with any number of other Internet users.

All up the service is only $12.50 per month, and for forum posting or doing other general work they’re ideal, and very good value. If you’re wanting to post on Craigslist however, I’m sorry to say you’re going to have to go buy some private proxies instead.