A friend of mine had a Scentsy party last month. I went out of “friend guilt” but was surprised when only three of us showed up and I was once again guilted . . . this time into buying something.

Scentsy is company that direct sells items such as ceramic warmers, special scented wax, and other scented products. Basically a flameless candle, it uses the heat of a special light bulb to melt Scentsy wax in a special warmer, therefore aroma-tizing the room.

Of course, being guilted into something the first thought in my mind was: what is the cheapest thing I can get away with buying? Well, the wax and the special warmers are sold separately, so it’s not possible to just buy the wax. The cheapest warmer was a $20 wall plug-in, and the cheapest wax I could buy was $5. So $25 to make my house smell nice. And to help my friend by buying it. I grudgingly handed over my money and waited for my order to arrive.

It did arrive a couple weeks later and was delivered by said friend. I plugged it in with a block of wax placed in the warming tray. It did smell nice and it IS a safer alternative to burning candles, but was it worth $25? Not really. I have some essential oils that smell better and with a diffuser, seem to cover a larger area in my house.

After I received my order, a different friend told me that you can’t use regular mini bulbs in the warmer either, you need to buy special Scentsy bulbs. Yes, they last a long time, but it’s just another accessory to keep buying. However, I also learned that Walmart sells similar scented wax blocks to use in the Scentsy warmers. Apparently they aren’t as strongly scented as the Scentsy wax, but if they’re half the price for double the product, it makes sense.

So the bottom line is that the Scentsy product line is great. If you have some extra money to burn. But if you’re watching your budget, get a candle.