There is a website that houses course descriptions for a countless number of colleges and universities in the United States as well as worldwide. Using this website, you can discover course descriptions for transfer of credit, comparable courses across educational institutions, and a way to track data between staff and faculty.

TES (Transfer Evaluation System) is a product of CollegeSource and they work in sync to offer an easy way to review transfer of credit for post secondary systems. The process is quite simple and very useful for Registrars and Academic Coordinators.

First, you log in using a user name and password set up for you. There is a fee involved which is adjustable for each user. Most of the time, the college or university will pick up the tab for this.

After logging in you are given choices. You can research a specific course by typing in the college it is taught at, send course descriptions to faculty or staff for review, find course equivalencies across colleges, or manage the account and profile of TES.

The amount of information available at your fingertips is astronomical. For example, let’s say you took a course at Concordia University in Austin, Texas in 1994. Now you’re looking at attending Oregon Coast Community College and they won’t accept your classes unless you’re able to provide them with a course description for your Purchasing Management class. TES would be able to provide them with the following, specifically dated to 1994, description along with additional credit and pre-requisite information:

Role of purchasing manager and functions of planning, organizing, and controlling in purchasing; use of quantitative methods in reaching purchasing decisions.
PREREQUISITE: ACC 2302, BUS 1351, and BUS 2301

Now Oregon Coast Community College can use this information to make their transfer credit decision and you didn’t have to unearth your catalog from 17 years ago.

Obviously there is a very specific market for this website, but it’s also a useful, time-saving tool if purchased. If you work in any sector of education, it’s definitely something to look into.