The (Nanny) Godmother

If any of you out there have kids (children, tykes, little ones, ankle biters, hellions, etc.) you have probably come across your share of questions. What time should I put them to bed? What if they WON’T go to bed? What if they have a tantrum in a store, how should I handle that? The Nanny Godmother ( ) wants to help you with these questions and more.

The Nanny Godmother is actually Nanny Lili, an English nanny with 15 years experience between newborns and adolescents. She states that “although there’s no right or wrong answer to most questions of child rearing, sometimes a little shared knowledge and experience can go a long way. Whether you’re at wit’s end over a tough parenting problem, or are just looking for a quick tip or idea, the Nanny Godmother’s tricks of the trade might provide just the helping hand you need.”

But can she?


  • The site is set up very neatly.
  • Cute clip art and pics.
  • Clearly marked areas to find various things: recent posts, specific topics, and rules.
  • A search engine to narrow your question to a more exclusive area.
  • There’s a Facebook page to go along with the website (which has 909 “likes” as of post time).


  • There seems to be only one nanny, which to me seems no different than asking anyone who has kids the same question.
  • There’s a UK/US language barrier. “Dummy” instead of “pacifier”, “nappy” instead of “diaper”. (There IS a dictionary to explain these differences, but it’s still distracting).
  • The advice given seems like it’s from a self-help parenting book. The advice from other commenters is almost better because you get other insight from other people besides just “The Nanny Lili”.

So let’s put it to the test. I typed in “sleeping” in the search engine because one of my friends is having a hard time getting her 2 year old to go down at night. What I found from Nanny Lili is pretty much the same thing my friend has already tried: being firm, establishing a routine before bed, be consistent, avoid TV before bed, etc. Nothing really has a “wow!” factor as far as suggestions that would be new and welcome to a tired mom.

For the most part, I think this website would be good for new mothers and fathers who really aren’t sure what to do and maybe just need a step in the right direction. Otherwise by the time you get around to reading the website, you might have already answered your own question through trial and error.