Ulta Review

Even if you’re a bit squeamish about retailers, especially semi-pushy retailers who like to catch you off guard the minute you walk in the door, Ulta is still a store worth checking out. It’s a museum of beautifying treasures.

For those of you not familiar, Ulta sells everything from makeup to cleanser to aftershave to curling irons. Basically anything you would need for upper end hygiene.

I went there today to purchase some facial cleanser. A friend had given me a recommendation and I wanted to purchase her suggestion. The size of the place scares me since I’m not big on salespeople breathing down my neck, but I had to get some face soap.

I was approached (rapidly) by a tall, dark haired woman who asked if I needed help. I thanked her and kept moving. Two more salespeople approached me. No, no, I’m fine. I realize I would’ve saved time by just asking someone where my cleanser was located, but I had a feeling if I had, I would’ve been descended upon by buffing and polishing ladies, intent on giving me a facial. So I decided stealth was a better option.

Finally I got to the area I needed, which ended up being even more overwhelming than I thought it would be. So many choices, such high prices. Was it nuts to go here? No, I needed to find Exuviance gel cleanser.

Finally, I found it, avoided salespeople by swooping down random aisles, and made it to the checkout counter. There I received three free samples with my purchase, and was also able to use a $3 coupon I found in the Sunday paper. The checkout lady didn’t even look annoyed like some people do when you try to use coupons.

When I got back home, I checked out their website, artfully named www.ulta.com, and looked aroudhow it was set up. Would it be easier to maneuver than the massive (albeit well-stocked) store?

Actually, it was. With a few clicks, I was able to find the cleanser, for the same price as it was at the store, with free samples attached as well. But, ouch, shipping was $5.95. BUT I had the option to choose which samples I wanted instead of having them decidedly handed to me in the store. I would say the shipping and the sample options were a wash in terms of satisfaction. Plus there was even a spot for me to enter the coupon code I used at the store.

I think I’ll give the store another try, possibly with a body guard who would allow me time to browse in peace. Or shop from home if they’re offering my choice of samples.

So tonight I tried the Exuviance cleanser.

My skin now feels like buttah.